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Clothing and Accessory Collection Database

This database has information from the detailed analysis of clothing and accessories specimens, and the field photographs taken of people throughout the world.

Regarding the clothing and accessories specimens, it is possible to search for them by regional name, local area name, materials, design and technology, etc. Moreover, in reference to the clothing specimens, they can be searched for by the names of the clothing's design (cylinder type, poncho type, etc.) and standard clothing names (jacket type, blouse type, etc.), and with regards to the accessories specimens, they can be searched for by the name of the accessory (necklace, belt, hat, bag, shoes, etc.).

Regarding the field photographs, they can be searched for by the region and by the year the photo was taken. The photographs have been accessible from 2009. Now, only the photographs from the Maya region can be accessed (These photographs have been provided under the supervision of Prof. Yoshiho Yasugi, photographed by Masahiro Umoto).

The photographs and the specimens have been linked by the local area names and the classification code (OWC=Outline of World Cultures).
This database is jointly put together by Kubo laboratory from 1996 (Daimaru laboratory until 1995) in the National Museum of Ethnology, and Takahashi laboratory (until 2014) in the Osaka-Shoin Women's University. The MCD Project does an analysis and a structural design of data.

The current sum total of the data including images is about 230,000 items.

This database is partially funded by the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, which is part of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).
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