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Nepal Photo Database consists of 3,584 photographs taken by Ryuzo TAKAYAMA, a former professor of Kyoto Bunkyo University, and other members of the Japanese Scientific Expedition for Northwestern Nepal in 1958, under the leadership of Jiro KAWAKITA. The database includes 295 photographs of materials collected in Nepal by the expedition, and now held at the National Museum of Ethnology.

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The photographs of Dolpa in northwestern Nepal are internationally valuable and precious records in terms of data depicting local scenes before the Tibet Uprising in 1959. By making this database publicly available for educational and academic purposes, we hope to help others by sharing historic photographs of the local area, exchanging and updating local information, and conducting research on Nepalese society and natural environment changes.
In the 1950's when the photographs were taken, the concept of portrait rights was not usually considered.Therefore the photographs were not always obtained with the consent of the people who were photographed.However, because they are historically very important, we are showing selected portraits to the general public for academic and educational use (see copyrights below).We also hope to return old records to local communities and the relatives of the people in photographs.Please inform us using the "Inquiry" form below, if you find any unsuitable content in this photo database.
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